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Meet Artie Sposaro

As we mentioned a couple months ago, we are actively pursuing what we discern is God’s heart for the future of Lifetime. It’s our desire that Lifetime continue to be a source of grace for the journey – your journey with Christ over a lifetime.

Artie Sposaro

We’re excited to introduce Artie Sposaro, the newest member of the ministry team. Artie has been communicating God’s grace in various contexts over the last fifteen years. His passion is similar to Bill and Anabel’s in that he desires to communicate God’s grace in a way that makes it easily applicable in everyday life.

You can expect to hear more from Artie soon. Please welcome Artie. You can read his bio on our site or connect with him on Facebook.

In addition to building the ministry team, we are also in the process of redesigning our website to more effectively minister to all generations. Stay tuned for more information and new features that will soon be available online.