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Meet Roxane Day

In January we mentioned our goals for 2012. One of those goals was to find a writer or editor who was familiar with Lifetime and was interested in working with us to create new resources from Bill and Anabel’s various notes and writings. We’re excited to introduce you to Roxane Day who will be working on the project. Please pray for divine creativity and inspiration as Roxane spends time looking through all of the materials from the Gillhams. Our desire is to create fresh content to reach more people with the message of Christ as life. Here’s an excerpt from Roxane’s letter of introduction to the Lifetime team.

Walking up to the little red brick church, I was fidgeting. Am I dressed too casually? Am I overdressed? I don’t know these people, never been to this church before. Where am I supposed to go? I caught a glimpse of an older man in khaki pants and a plaid shirt, wearing tennis shoes. And a funny-looking hat, like the kind that Gilligan wore in Gilligan’s Island—some kind of fishing hat.

Surely, he knows where I am supposed to go to hear Bill and Anabel Gillham. I walked up to him and he handed me a program. I saw that it had their names on it, so I was relieved to know I was in the right place. When I looked up, he was smiling and said, “You having a good day so far hon?” How nice to hear a friendly voice! I immediately felt at ease. After a little more small talk, I went in to find a seat.

Later, when Anabel got up to speak, she acknowledged her husband Bill. “Oh, you may have already met him. He’s in the back handing out programs.” When I turned around, my mouth dropped open. That was Bill Gillham I was talking to earlier! PhD and all—in tennis shoes and a fishing hat at a speaking engagement!

I fell in love with Bill, Anabel, and Lifetime Ministries that day. Their unpretentious manner, their obvious love for our Lord, their willingness to be transparent about their struggles disarmed me and made me willing to share my own struggles. With Bill and Anabel, I felt at home.

Over the last 20 years, I have given away several copies of Lifetime Guarantee and continue to read Anabel’s devotionals in my email almost every weekday. I am thrilled and honored to work on any project to make more of their writings available to others.