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Merry Christmas… And Our Vision for the New Year

The Lifetime team sends its heartfelt thanks and Christmas greetings to you! Your support over the year has been a great encouragement. It’s hard to believe that 2011 is almost complete and 2012 is on its heels.

This has been a year of transition for Lifetime. Our focus has been to build a new infrastructure that is financially sound and sustainable. This has meant a good bit of work on the behind-the-scenes aspects of ministry that will in turn free up resources for us to use toward the more public aspects of ministry in 2012. Here is a summary of the organizational changes we undertook in 2011.

  • Developed and launched a new website (reduced our annual website maintenance expense by $15,000)
  • Hired an outside company to handle our bookkeeping (an annual savings of $6,000)
  • Converted our monthly newsletter to an electronic version (monthly savings of $4,500)
  • Moved our products to a fulfillment service warehouse and streamlined the distribution process for our online sales (significant saving in 2012)
  • Renegotiated contracts or changed vendors to ensure the best pricing.
  • Revised our pay structure to accurately reflect our part-time employees’ scope of responsibilities (significant savings in 2012)
  • Invested in online advertising in order to increase our online users (our Facebook audience has grown by 4,000 users since January)

The vision that God has given to the Lifetime board and staff is to continue to proclaim the gospel message with a unique focus on the truths that Bill and Anabel shared. Our desire is to reach all generations with the life-changing message of “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Although Bill and Anabel’s earthly ministry has ended, we know that the truth they shared will continue to impact generations to come. We plan to continue to highlight and promote the products they developed while offering messages from others who desire to see people walk in the freedom that Christ offers.

So what is our vision for 2012? During our recent move to Atlanta, we discovered many writings and partial messages in the archives that can be published. In 2012, we hope to find someone to come alongside us and prepare this material for publishing. In addition to publishing new materials, we desire to repackage and repurpose the Gillham’s original materials in formats that best fit our web platform. Podcasts, video messages, blogs and the like can be developed from our existing material and packaged in a way to reach a broader audience.

Another area of focus for 2012 is to continue to develop a Spanish translation of the Gillham’s materials. A handful of individuals have approached us offering their assistance with this project, and we have made great strides on Lifetime Guarantee and The Confident Woman. Please pray with us for the successful completion and publication of these Spanish translation projects in 2012.

We are excited about the vision God has given us for Lifetime Ministries, and we know he will faithfully bring it to completion. This being said, we need financial partners in this important work. Throughout 2011 we have continued to see a significant decline in our contributions. In December, launched a contribution campaign to our daily devotion recipients and our Facebook followers encouraging new connections to partner with us. Although the bulk of our ministry happens over the web, there are still costs involved in running the core aspects of the operation.

Thank you again for your love, prayer, and support throughout the year. Our heart is to reach as many people as possible through the channels that God has provided to us. We are unable to do what God has called us to do without your involvement. Please prayerfully consider making a year-end contribution.