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Ministry Update and Vision for 2011

We always knew that Anabel Gillham’s writings and recordings were special, but after her death in November, it was inspiring to hear your stories of what her ministry has meant to you:

“I can honestly say that reading her book, The Confident Woman caused a turning point in my life, my heart, and my thinking.”

“Anabel and Bill saved my marriage through their teachings and I will carry their influence throughout my life.”

Our marriage was healed 25 years ago through this ministry.”

“I feel as though you saved my spiritual life!”

Your comments have renewed our passion for communicating the truths that Anabel lived and taught.

Now that 2011 is here, we believe more than ever that, through Lifetime, Father desires to direct people to His heart, to understand their identity in Him, to heal their marriages, and to “save their spiritual life.”

New Voices for the Ministry

With Anabel’s death and Bill’s continued decline in health, we recognize the need to have a current, active voice for the ministry. Over the past few months, we have set in motion a plan to compile a ministry team that will continue to proclaim and teach the same truths that Bill and Anabel taught through the years. Of course, we will continue featuring Bill and Anabel’s foundational teaching.

We believe that the truth of Christ’s complete work on the cross and our identity in Christ is vital for all generations—a message that should be enjoyed over a lifetime. As we compile the team, you will see us incorporate individuals whose voice can reach people in every phase of life. We want the ministry team to reflect the body of Christ and have an effective impact on every generation.

Partnering With Us

We’d like to invite you to partner with us in this cause. Partnership goes far beyond financial support. You are partnering with us when you pass along our daily devotions, letters, and resources. You are partnering with us when you share the truths proclaimed through Lifetime with your friends and family. You are also partnering with us when you pray for us.

If I’ve learned anything through the comments shared on Anabel’s memorial page, it is that God finds unconventional ways to impact people with the truth of his work on the cross!

Lifetime Devotionals on Your Smart Phone

Here’s an example of an unconventional partnership. As 2011 begins, we are excited to be partnering with YouVersion, the free “Bible” App for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows smart phones. The Bible App has been installed on over 11 million mobile devices and growing amazingly fast. Many of you already have it on your phone. We have an exciting announcement about this: Anabel’s Lifetime Daily devotional will be one of only a few devotionals that will be featured in the Reading Plans section of the Bible app. This will be a huge amount of exposure for Lifetime.

Spanish Facebook page

We have recently started advertising our Spanish Facebook page, and as a result, it’s growing much faster than our English page. Also the demographics show that it’s reaching a much younger audience. The top users on our English page are females between the ages of 45 and 54. The top users on our Spanish page are females between 18 and 24. Our desire is to capture a younger audience, so this is good news. We plan on starting an advertising campaign for our English audience in the coming year. Your support will play a major role in this.

We are excited about what God is doing through the ministry to introduce people to the freedom and grace that is ours in Christ. Thanks so much for continuing your support in the coming year.