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My Amazing Morning with Jesus

Personal Testimony time comes when God reveals Himself in a real and personal way. This occurred anew for me Friday March 9, 2012. I pray He will speak to you as I seek to give Him glory for manifesting Himself to me in what I experienced as, “My Amazing Morning with Jesus.”

I usually take off on Friday to do stuff around the house. So I did the first thing on the “honey-do-list” by getting the dishes out of the dishwasher and putting them in the cabinets. Then I began to sense this urge to draw near to my Heavenly Father. It had been a while since I had purposely done that, though I am as near to Him as my own skin every day! He lives in my heart, my spirit! But I just felt God causing me to desire Him.

So I looked on my bookshelf alongside my Bible and picked up this book. I had read eight chapters on my last flight to visit our granddaughter in Boston. Sitting down on the couch I said to my Heavenly Father, “I need to feel your unconditional love this morning. I’m feeling a little tired, not down and out, but I’ve been dealing with this pinched sciatic nerve from my bulging disc for four weeks now.” Then I began reading at Chapter 9 of “Night With A Perfect Stranger” by David Gregory. Of course, this perfect stranger was Jesus.

Nick was driving a U-haul of furniture back from his dad’s to his own home in Cincinnati. On the Interstate median a car had spun out and he pulled over to help the motorist. As he looked into the car it was Anne, his wife’s spiritual mentor. Well AAA was going to be 90 minutes getting there and she was headed to the hospital for her husband’s heart surgery. I’m way past the point in the book where Jesus had been riding with Nick and had gotten out sometime after he had received a call from his wife Mattie who was headed to the hospital with complications during her pregnancy.

At this point, what ensues is a conversation between Nick and his wife’s spiritual mentor, Anne about what she shares with those she disciples. She said, “Whenever I mentor someone, I make sure they’re grounded in two things…Mattie already had the first…She was already enthralled with Jesus. We have to have that. He has to captivate our hearts. God the Father is enthralled with His Son.”

Truly focus on Him — not on what you should do!

The Father was saying to me, you have to stay fascinated with Jesus. You have to want Jesus to have the supremacy, the preeminence in everything. How do you do that? He was saying to me through Anne, “by spending time with Jesus in the Word, truly focusing on Him — not on what you should do! Also, train yourself to see Jesus in everything. If our eyes are on Him and how wonderful He is, He will take care of the do’s,” Anne said.

In that three hour time frame I stayed focused on Jesus that Friday morning, and it was as if Jesus came and sat down with me on the couch. I became fascinated with Jesus all over again! My prayer is, “Holy Spirit cause me to stay that way.” Furthermore I said to my Heavenly Father, “It would be nice if I got up and all my pain would be gone, but if not that’s okay as well.” Indeed, my “thorn in the flesh” was still there. But what an amazing morning with Jesus!

Bruce Willis

About the Author

Bruce serves as a Director of Missions for the Carey Baptist Association and Exchanged Life Counselor in Ashland, AL. He is the husband of one wife, Kathy for 38 years and dad to 3 adult children and now has 5 grandchildren. He is a graduate of Central Alabama Community College, Samford University and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He received his counseling training from Luther Rice Seminary and Christian Families Today.