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My Anxiety and God’sConsolation

When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.
Psalm 94:19

O Lord, the thoughts that plague me. Anxious thoughts about what’s happening in my world and in the lives of the people who live in my world with me. And Lord, these anxious thoughts interfere with my relationship with You. Your sweetness. Your purity. Your compassion and kindness. Your faithfulness. Your power. Your peace. And this interference is what brings on my distress, my depression, my defeating thoughts.

In my Journal I have a section for prayer marked “Urgent.” But every one of the things on that page I know unequivocally (leaving no doubt) I have entrusted into Your hands. Are they still urgent? Can’t I trust You with those things? Am I still supposed to be anxious about them? I think it would probably be an affront to You if I kept putting them on your desk day after day with big red letters: URGENT!

And once I let those anxious thoughts into my mind, the travail of birth begins, because thoughts birth emotions. And the anxious thoughts multiply and the intensity of the birthing process increases . . . and so does the pain.

Please, Lord, give me the discernment to recognize the intent of these thoughts and the will and desire to refuse them entrance into my mind, where the dividing and multiplying tricks begin.

Your consolations — Your words of comfort, of strength, of purpose, of hope — yes, these will bring rest to my weary soul. They will bring peace and contentment, and I will delight in them. What I have to do is be sure I’m not putting the same file on Your desk that I plopped on there yesterday. Then Ive got to believe that Youre a very efficient Administrator and that You will not let things pile up that are important to the people under Your authority.

I see: Your consolations won’t do me any good at all unless I think about them.

I am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him.
2 Timothy 1:12

Am I really?

About the Author

Anabel spent decades teaching in many contexts through Lifetime Guarantee Ministries. She has taught countless others how to have a genuine intimate faith and a sound marriage. She shared from her heart about living from the heart. Lifetime’s beloved founder and mentor passed away November 7, 2010. Her legacy and influence are timeless and priceless.