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Perspective for a Stormy Day

Some days are rainbow days.

You look at the world and see God’s handiwork. You hear His inaudible voice dictating His perspective for you to share with others. You feel God’s love and empowerment. You enjoy Him in all you encounter.

But not every day is a rainbow day.

It’s a safe bet, today will not be without problems.

It may not be your easiest day ever. In fact, today isn’t likely to be your best of the month or even the week (except of course that your reading this devotional!).

It might even be a storm day for you.

We suffer stormy days for eternal rainbows.

God’s promise is not freedom from the storms, but rest in the storms.

He promises His grace is sufficient, not an escape clause. At least – not an immediate one.

No day is without struggle, and yet Jesus is always more than competent and more than sufficient to deliver triumph in your day – whether by overcoming a circumstance, or by divine perseverance and empowerment in the midst of a trial – Jesus is enough.

…and as you choose to embrace His grace, walking in divine satisfaction beyond your circumstances, His grace will cause you to exude His Life.

Jesus Christ will be made known first to you, and then His renown will spread though you… and a moment’s trouble will be eclipsed by a Father’s affection and eternal glory revealed by His sufficiency for the storm.

The storms that dominate our day can’t compare to the Divine Life that fills us by grace. It’s that grace that manifests His eternal Life in a temporary circumstance. 

So, today will not be without problems, and you may for a moment lose heart. But rest will be not in your beating back the enemy, or overcoming the challenges, but in choosing to trust in the “enoughness” of Jesus’s grace for you in the turmoil. He can be your rest in chaos, and He will be your perseverance in trial. And the life you share will far eclipse the circumstance in which you share it.

Because to reveal His sufficiency in all things, we must embrace His grace in all circumstances, and by His grace, He will be glorified in you.

Father, remind me today to be attentive to your leading. Help me to trust you not because you change every circumstance for my comfort, but because you are enough for me in any circumstance. Whatever fire I must walk through or wave I must ride through the storm today, You are sufficient to be my peace, rest, joy, and hope. Teach me today how “enough” you are for me, so that by your kindness and goodness in sustaining me through temporary trial, I can share your eternal glory with the world. Amen.