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Reverse It

I consider myself a good speller. When I run spell-check on these blog posts, I count it as a small victory when a message box pops up that says, “No writing errors found.” (Lame, I know, but it’s the little things that make me happy.) Occasionally, however, I type a word that is spelled correctly, but in fact is used improperly. For example, the word “though.” Maybe I meant to type “thought” but that final “t” escaped the reach of my pinky finger on the keyboard. And, alas, spell check doesn’t always catch my mistakes. Actually, there are several words that deal me fits like this:

of, instead of if;

here, instead of there; 

have, instead of gave;

he, instead of she. 

You get the idea. A simple slip of a finger on a keyboard, and a word used improperly can totally change the meaning of a sentence, delivering an unintended message. Not long ago, I posted this update on Facebook:

Feeling untied with my church as many of us complete the Kingdom Come Daily Guide. May we all become more like Jesus!

See what I mean? “Untied” should have been “united.” I wasn’t feeling untied….undone….separated! I was feeling united…together….as one with my church family!

A simple reversal of two letters changed everything. UnITed became unTIed when I reversed IT.

Ok, stop. Back up. Did you see what happened? Something united became untied when I reversed it. I think that might just be the most profound a-ha moment I’ve had in a while.

What areas of our lives have become untied….undone…separated because we have gotten our priorities out of whack? What areas of our lives once experienced unity….peace….support….harmony…..solidarity, but now, do not? Could it be possible that our “united” has become “untied” because we’ve reversed “it” in our lives?

  • In our marriages, are we focused on offering our best to one another? Or, have we reversed that sentiment and seek to meet our own needs first?
  • In our friendships, are we driven to invest and encourage? Or, have we reversed that sentiment and seek only what we can get out of the relationship?
  • At work, do we offer ourselves and our abilities to be a “team player?” Or, have we reversed that sentiment to “take care of #1 instead?
  • At church, do we offer our gifts and resources to bless God’s people and attract a watching world? Or, have we reversed that sentiment to focus only on how we can be served?

When we reverse “it” in our lives, we just might experience some fallout. Disagreement. Dissension. Discord. Opposition. Antagonism. But, here’s the good news: when we correct the reversal, good stuff comes our way! Peace. Rapport. Support. Wholeness.

So, my friends, what have you reversed in your life? Where are you having an “untied” experience?

“It” takes work. “It” isn’t easy. “It” requires that we esteem others higher than ourselves. “It” takes time, but….

Your “untied” can be “united” again. 
Tricia Lovejoy

About the Author

Tricia Lovejoy is married to Shawn Lovejoy, author of The Measure of Our Success and Lead Pastor of Mountain Lake Church. She leads the women of her church in an environment called Girlfriends, and she mentors Pastors’ wives across the country. Together, she and her husband lead out in ministry and life. They have 3 children. You can connect with Tricia at http://SharpenHer.com or http://MountainLake.tv or http://flourish.me.