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We are both unhappy. Should we divorce?

The Bible is against divorce. No doubt there is unhappiness for each party who enter into such action and they are listening to the deceiver’s lies about how to best solve the problems. But, they both must learn how to submit to God’s authority for victory over these via Christ’s indwelling life. They both must understand how the power of sin and the flesh operate and “offer their members to God as instruments of righteousness [instead of] to the power of sin as instruments of unrighteousness” (Rom. 6:13).

A believer who knows how to walk in the truth and yet submits to the power of sin is a modern-day Esau. Esau traded his birthright for a meal…exchanged his inheritance (true identity) for temporal gratification. It’s astounding how people who know the truth can do such a thing even at the potential expense of seeing their own children slide into the world’s river (to say nothing of the weaker brothers who will fall because of their example). I realize that the emotions can go bananas. We all have experienced that; but, the indwelling life of Christ through us is able to walk the narrow way even in spite of this.


C. S. Lewis said, “When people are traveling along the road of life and discover they have taken a wrong turn, the first one to turn around and go back is the most progressive.” Pride refuses to turn back. Pride waits for the other person to make the first move. And tragically, there will often be a false comforter alongside who will assure the sinning Christian that he has “every right” to personal happiness and should get a divorce.