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Were people in the Old Testament able to be born again?

I believe that Old Testament Believers were ushered into heaven by faith, although they didn’t have a clue that God would accomplish this through Jesus Christ. Jesus’ ministry was yet future to them. So, you might say they were looking forward with faith in God. We, on the other hand, look backward, by faith, that God allows man to be born again through Jesus Christ and make our eternal residence in heaven. They apparently did not have a regenerated spirit; they could not be born again. In summary: Believers on both sides of the cross were saved by faith through God’s Messiah, Jesus. The O.T. group, however, was not yet informed as to exactly how God would accomplish salvation. They placed their faith in the Living God according to the limited revelation He had given to man at that time. You and I place our faith in the same Living God according to the greater revelation He has given to man since Pentecost as recorded in Acts 2.

When you think about it, was it possible for anyone to get a regenerated spirit (be born again) before Jesus satisfied the demands of the law by becoming sin on the cross on our befalf? No. I’ve written at length on this topic in Chapter 8, “Where the New Testament Begins” in my book “What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity” (Harvest House) explaining why I believe this was impossible. Revival didn’t break out until after Jesus was raised from the dead, ascended into heaven and was in a position to send the Holy Spirit into regenerated man. This happened in Acts 2, not in Matthew 1:1.