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What Does it Take To Hear From God?

Simeon was a righteous and devout man, looking for [eagerly expecting] the “consolation of Israel.”

Anna was a prophetess, advanced in years, who was looking for [eagerly expecting] the “redemption of Jerusalem.”

The Magi “saw His star in the east,” and came to worship Him.

What do these people have in common? These are the only people the Scriptures speak of who were not related to Joseph and Mary and who had not had a choir of angels singing of a newborn king, but who nevertheless realized who was happening.

Simeon was a man who walked by faith and was “controlled” by a reverential awe and intimate love for God. He was eagerly expecting the fulfillment of all the messianic prophecies.

Anna was a prophetess, a woman who fasted and prayed and hung around “church” all day, every day talking about God.

The magi were most likely Babylonian priests, pagan “scientists” whose only acquaintance with Jehovah God was perhaps through the writings left behind by people like Daniel.

How comfortable would you be around these people? Does it disturb you that pagan “scientists” were more sensitive to God’s “signs in the heavens” than most of Israel’s spiritual leaders?

Some promises have been fulfilled. Other promises await His return. Are you living life in the joy of those already fulfilled, while eagerly expecting the coming fulfillment of others yet to come?

By the way, there are two other things these people had in common-humility and openness. These are all God needs to speak to us, to move us and to bless us with the power of His Truth.