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When does forgiveness actually take place?

While humans experience life in the time dimension, God’s experience is similar to being in a helicopter hovering over the time dimension? Time is a meaningless concept to Him. He created the time dimension because faith can operate only in such a venue. One day He will snuff both time and faith, but for now, here we are.

Your question is sort of like trying to land the helicopter or make it vacillate up and down in that you are bouncing back and forth from Jesus’ finished work on the cross to 2001.

A lost man’s sins are not forgiven, but they would be if he entered into God’s provision by faith. It all has to be brought online by each person’s individual faith. It’s like accessing a file. Even though it’s completed and true on your hard drive, it’ll do you no “earthly” good unless you select it, open it, and use it.