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Where does my new identity in Christ come from?

I believe many see our identity in Christ as a paper transaction in the imagination of God which is of no practical use to us on Planet Earth. They call it “positional truth“. The Bible does not speak of positional truth; it speaks the truth. My SS teacher says faith is living as if God tells the truth.

The gospel is that through the finished work of Jesus, man can be transformed, experience sweet fellowship with God, glorify Him on earth and reign with Him forever. However, it seems to me that many have appropriated but one-third of the gospel, namely that the blood of Jesus Christ was shed for the forgiveness of our sins. Although this is wonderfully true, it falls woefully short of equipping me to glorify God on Monday morning.

The second one-third of the gospel concerns Christ’s body, not His precious blood. The Word clearly states that we indwell Him; that it was in His dying body that our old identity as a spirit-descendent of Adam died and was buried. Then in His resurrection body we were raised as new spirit-creatures; it was in His resurrection body that we ascended in Him to the Father’s right hand of glory where we are now totally, completely, unequivocally, unconditionally accepted as saints (holy ones). His precious body, not His precious blood is the means by which this was accomplished for us.

Finally, the third one-third of the gospel is that Jesus indwells us. Although every true Christian knows this, many have never asked the question, “Jesus, why are You in me? why not behind or around or under me?” For many, Jesus may as well be living on Mars for all the benefit they derive from His glorious presence in them. He indwells me seeking inner fellowship and companionship with me as I allow the “Spirit of Christ” (Holy Spirit) to express His Life through me to do the will of the Father on earth. One man successfully lived the life of faith… obedience…and service to the Father on earth…Jesus Christ. Only He can express that same life through me, thus glorifying God on earth through my lifestyle. What I observe is that many Christians are striving to “live for God” instead of trusting Him by faith to do what only He can do…express His Life through us. We are to use the same faith in the same Object to meet life that we use to appropriate salvation.

I do not write with an attitude of “straightening out” any Christian. That is a flesh trip. My desire is to share the insights the Holy Spirit has given me so the church can glorify Jesus before men.