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Why does God have me in a job I can’t seem to do?

In your letter you said you were feeling very inadequate on the job because of “poor” memory and the unsolicited help you had been receiving. You also mentioned you could not understand how God could be honored by having you in a profession where you performed poorly. The thing to remember here is that God’s reputation has nothing to do with how other people interpret our competence. He does not have to prove His worth or value to anyone. His sense of self-worth is not dependent upon you and me. The fact that He knows who He is, is enough. Thus He is free to spend His time doing what is best for us and in us to conform us to the image of His Son without worrying about what others think about Him.

He wants you to have that same freedom. He has apparently assigned you to a job in which you have significant difficulty in accomplishing the assigned tasks. Why would He do that? Is it because He wants you to learn that it is your identity in Christ that establishes your worth and adequacy and not your performance? When we are where God has called us to be (as best we understand it) then we cannot fail if we recognize it and rest in Him. I’m not saying you will make no mistakes. I am saying the mistakes do not affect whether your life is honoring to Christ unless you respond in bitterness to feelings of inadequacy.

You are free to just be yourself wherever God has placed you. Enter your day surrendered to Him and accept the outcome as His will to satisfy His purpose in you. You are precious to our heavenly Father and He has made no mistake in your life. His ways are higher than our ways and its OK not to fully understand how His purpose is being worked out.