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Why doesn’t God protect us from all crises?

It is common for Christians to depend upon their talent, spiritual gifts, education, good looks, insight, proven techniques, hard work, people, skill in exercising Roberts Rules, etc. as they approach a task “for God.” This is a type of wilderness wandering with lots of activity, much sweat and record keeping for visible “proof of progress” to assure the flesh. God allows us to go around in these endless energy-expending circles until we come to the end of our resources and claim Him as our only Resource. “The battle is the Lord’s,” not ours.

Israel could have stepped across the Jordan on their own during the dry season. But, God brought them there at flood stage. Now they’d have to come to the end of their resources and depending solely on God’s. This is a type or foreshadowing of what is necessary for the Christian before he can go on to know God. Just as the Holy Spirit led them to the hopelessness of crossing Jordan at flood stage, He will lead you to your own private impossible crises. Just as He took them across, He will do the same for you. Just as they had to “set their foot in the water” before He acted, you must move forward into your “impossible” situation. You must act like He is living through you. Just as Israel “cast the burden on the Lord” you must, too. A swirling flood kills! Just as they had to step into certain death, so do you. To stand on the bank is to remain in the wilderness. You must “die” to enter this new way of living. Spiritual warfare rages across the river, but “the battle is the Lord’s.” He, Himself fights for you over there. To refuse to step into the flood is to remain in the wilderness and be your own strength. This way you can never learn to know God.