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Why would David ask the Spirit not to leave him?

This is an interesting question but I think it’s answer makes it even more clear that once the Spirit has changed you it is eternal. In the Old Testament God chose to manifest His presence in a temporal rather than an eternal way. God dwelt “among” his people rather than in His people. For a time, he chose the Tabernacle and the Temple to do this. Therefore, Old Testament Saints could really say “Take not thy Holy Spirit from me“. However, Post-cross, God has chosen to manifest Himself in His people. He has done this in an eternal way through his eternal Son Jesus Christ. This is Christ in YOU the hope of glory. You are now the very eternal temple of God.

Now, why do we continue to sin? A believer still sins because he has what the Bible calls Sin (singular noun) in Him. (See Romans 7:23) Thus the very Spirit of God has changed us into Saints while we are still stuck in this old body. Bill Gillham, in his book Lifetime Guarantee calls it an earth suit. We have Flesh patterns or different ways in which we have operated independently of God that war against the Spirit of Christ in us. You also asked How a person can know for sure that he is a believer and has the Holy Spirit within Him at all times while we war with the flesh. 1 John 5:13 says these things have I written that you may KNOW that you have eternal life. The whole reason God gave us his love letters (the Bible) was so that we could know for sure that we have the eternal life giving Spirit of Christ in us. It is not a question of whether you have the presence of the Holy Spirit but whether or not you have received Him into your heart at conversion.

Jesus is certainly able to keep us from sinning. But He has chosen to make us completely free individuals. Inside our freedom there is the possibility of sinning. God has not made us into machines. He wants us to allow Him to live His life through us. (Gal 2:20)